Ibiza Art Expo

Organised by Art Gallery Voûte, The Netherlands

Sponsoring Holland Art Exhibition, Edition Ibiza


If you would to sponsor the Holland Art Exhibition, Edition Ibiza, we will promote your company on these websites:


1. www.IbizaArtExhibition.com


2. www.HotelsonIbiza.com For participating hotels and bed & breakfasts we will then make a direct link, so the hotel doesn’t have to pay commission


3. www.hotelsonibiza.com/ibiza-restaurants/ On this page we can promote restaurants on Ibiza


4. www.DutchArtExhibition.com On this webpage you see sponsors like Philips and KLM: www.DutchArtExhibition.com/sponsors


5. Also, we will mention our sponsors in the invitation and in the press release.


We will promote our sponsors during one year.


More information:


Edwin Voûte


Tel.: + 31(0)6 51922582








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