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Jef Poldervaart | Photography


Jef Poldervaart is well known in the world of advertisement and the fashion industry. He composes, writes, paints, directs, is an outstanding photographer and likes to mix the various disciplines. Recently he’s been working on a multi-media project, in which all these art forms come together.


Poldervaart’s work, frozen stills from movie scenes that were never made, leaves the viewer in an awe of recognition and forces the imagination to work.

His often romantic and sensual photographs give the women who pose (actresses and supermodels who, along with their commercial work, also explore creativity with their talent) a certain power. They control the situation completely. The observer is allowed to watch, but that is all.


Many of his photographs exude a nostalgic gleam from the special and highly visual period 1925 - 1950 of Paris and Berlin. However, the current images are transformed to this time by means of modern techniques.


The photographs of Jef Poldervaart consist many layers. The first adjustments are made with the computer, followed by more adjustments on canvas and paper with paint, oil and chalk. He often gives his work a textual memory or note, patches and words which demand a role in the overall picture.


The work of Jef Poldervaart enjoys an increasing international attention.



Jef Poldervaart The Show

Jef Poldervaart
The Show
120 x 110 cm

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