Ibiza Art Expo

Organised by Art Gallery Voûte, The Netherlands

Herman van Gestel

Herman van Gestel started in 2007 as a professional fashion photographer, he can be considered a rising star. Herman relies on his previous professional experience as art-director and graphic designer, and is more an art-directing photographer, than just "a (technical) photographer". He's an excellent soundboard for other art-directors.


Additionally he had training as a professional make-up-artist to understand and express better his visions, extended by a hair-styling training..and often he still styles wardrobes and creates stage-settings.


STYLES: Masterfull light, Lush European, elegant but intense black and whites, multi-layered scenes

KEYWORDS: Exquisite, Inspire, Form & Function

Herman van Gestel
Ibiza I
150 x 100 cm

Price on request
Tel. +31651922582
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